Borstal After Care Records

The Archives of the National Justice Museum in Nottingham have about 1000 records detailing the after care that was received by those leaving a Borstal institution.  The records start in about 1909, and each one details the actions and the correspondence of those responsible for the care.

The records include information such as name, age, sentence, home address, trade, and about 2 year’s worth of correspondence and actions following release from Borstal.  Some records have a photograph of the individual.

The Society has started a project to scan these records at a high, archival resolution; to index the records and to make this information publicly available.

The scanning takes place in the Society’s Research Room at the Galeries of Justice using a high quality digital scanner.  The indexing into a spreadsheet is done from the scanned image, and may be done where and when convenient.

If you would like more information please contact the Society.