All meetings are at the Nottinghamshire Archives, Castle Meadow Road, Nottingham, NG2 1AG, commencing at 7.00 pm with sole use of the Search Room from 5pm. Free car parking on site.

Programme 2020

Wednesday 15 January : David Dunford, ‘The Reluctant Builder – A house history that became a family history’

A great example of how one thing leads to another, in this case revealing an intriguing story.

Wednesday 19 February : Peter Hammond, ‘Belvoir Angels: A grave story’

A look at some slate headstones unique to the Vale of Belvoir area and their fascinating artistry and symbolism. Your visits to local graveyards will never be the same again.

Wednesday 18 March : Brian Lund, ‘Postcards and Family History’

A short history of postcards and the vital role they played in our ancestors’ lives during the first half of the 20th century, especially with the same-day deliveries common at the time.

Wednesday 15 April : Steve Zaleski, ‘Carl Huslett and Ellen Maria Beaver: Two family history mysteries solved’

Two case studies showing the value of careful detective work in researching family history, both of them having connections with Lenton.

Wednesday 20 May : AGM followed by: Peter Hewlett, ‘Researching Surnames’

A look at the origins of various surnames – including some of those present at the meeting!

Wednesday 17 June : Richard Smedley, ‘The Life & Times of Joseph Smedley 1784 – 1863’

The fascinating story of a 19th century theatre manager and actor unearthed through meticulous research.

Wednesday 15 July : Gay Evans, ‘Annoying Ancestors’

An anecdotal tale of what to look for and pitfalls to avoid when looking for your ancestors.

Wednesday 19 August : Members’ evening

Short contributions relating to family history research and heirlooms by members and friends.

Wednesday 16 September : Sam Millard, ‘The Rufford Park Poachers’

The story of the dramatic events that took place on the night of 13 October 1851.

Wednesday 21 October : Jo Peet, ‘From Poor Relief to Parish Officer: The role of women’

The changing status of women throughout the centuries, as revealed by surviving records held at Nottinghamshire Archives.

Wednesday 18 November : Robert Mee, ‘Bradshaws: An early tour’

The famous railway timetable as used by our 19th century ancestors – and a tour!

Wednesday 16 December : Trevor Lee, ‘Once upon a Pantomime’

A brief history of typical pantomime characters. Followed of course by festive drinks and mince pies!