Some meetings are at present being scheduled as Zoom Meetings. If you would like to attend, please email your details to:

Meetings are normally held at the Nottinghamshire Archives, Castle Meadow Road, Nottingham, NG2 1AG, commencing at 7.00 pm with sole use of the Search Room from 5pm. Free car parking on site. During the winter months meetings will be held as Zoom meetings and will change to hybrid meetings during the summer period.

The following meetings will be Zoom meetings only:

Wednesday 17th January 2024: “The East India Company & The Memsahibs” by Jenny Mallin.

Wednesday 21st February 2024: Please note change to previously advertised Speaker, Now: “Heroes & Ghosts” – how scandal & shame affects genealogy by Michael Hallett.

Wednesday 20th March 2024: “Family history and the media: behind the scenes of Who Do You Think You Are” by Nick Barratt

The following meetings will be Hybrid meetings, please come to the Archives if you are able.

Wednesday 17th April 2024: “Members Meeting”. Short presentations by Members.

Wednesday 15th May 2024: AGM followed by “Wagon and tilt: the English portable theatre and family history” by Dr Ann Featherstone.

Wednesday 19th June 2024: Catherine Booth “Mother of the Salvation Army” by Danny Wells.

Wednesday 17th July 2024: “The History of Boots (the chemist & the family)” by Chris Weir.

Wednesday 21st August 2024: “English Country Houses – not quite what they seem!” by Mike Higginbottom.

Wednesday 18th September 2024: “How Nottingham has said goodbye for 117 years” by Matthew Lymn Rose (AW Lymn funeral director).

The following meetings will revert to Zoom only meetings:

Wednesday 16th October 2024: “Death and Taxes” by Dave Annals.

Wednesday 20th November 2024: “The Mourning Brooch” by Dianna Page.

Wednesday 18th December 2024: TBA