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Thomas Pritchett

I am struggling to find details of Thomas Pritchett, who I believe was baptised in Hickling in 1639 – son of John Pritchett and Issabell.  I believe he died in Colston Bassett in 1679 but I cannot prove the link.  Can anyone help me please?

I understand that Hickling Parish Registers don’t exist before 1648 which doesn’t help matters.

Peter Vaughan –

Beatrice Goldstraw

Hello, I am trying to find images of Rufford Cottages in Northville Street in the 1930s.

My mother, Beatrice Goldstraw (maiden name) lived at No 1 Rufford Cottages.   Her father Harry died in 1936 and then her mother died in 1939, and she and her sister then moved to Brighton to live with their aunt.  My mother is 91 this year and during lockdown I have been building her family tree, which has fascinated her.   For her birthday I would absolutely love to find an image of where she lived so that I can have it framed for her.  I am in Brighton and have only once been to Nottingham, so I don’t know the city at all. Really hoping somebody can help by pointing me in the right direction!

The family name was Goldstraw – Harry and Annie, so again, if any of your older members knew of them that would be awesome to know.

Thanks in advance Sue Mantell –