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Fotherby Research

Hi, I am a postgraduate researcher undertaking a History PhD at the University of Leeds. Here is a link to my researcher profile: .

My research project focuses on the Fotherby/Burditt lineage, which has the Louth printer, stationer and bookseller Benjamin Fotherby 1786-1828, (trading at 2 Mercer Row, Louth) as the ‘home person’. Part of my research involves inviting descendants to provide family history information on their ancestors (descendants of Benjamin Fotherby and his sister, Avis Fotherby/Dales), specifically, information that is not available through public records and is likely to be found in family archives, documents, and records or family photographs, diaries, memories, and stories. I wondered whether any descendants of the Fotherby, Burditt and Dales families would be happy to contact me to share any information they or a family member may have.

My research is entitled ‘Ancestral Attributes: Intergenerational Influences and Family Development in Britain, c.1750-1950’, and the study is designed to examine the influence and impact ancestors’ lives have on successive generations.
Descendant names appearing in the UK include:
Anderson (Kent area)
Booth (Swineshead/Boston areas)
Burditt (Louth/Nottingham area)
Carter (Staffordshire area)
Dales (Louth/Alford/Boston/Spalding areas)
Dring (Sleaford/Boston areas)
Fotherby (Louth/Alford/ Old Leake/Boston areas)
Gash (Boston area)
Hibberd (Hampshire area)
Leafe (Staffordshire area)
Martin (Hampshire area)
Morrison (Somerset area)
Partner (Kent area)

Many thanks in anticipation,
Kate Wvendth –