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Thomas Hind

Nottingham Free Grammar School – Student enrolments

I am looking to find out how to access student enrolment records of Nottingham Free Grammar School in the period from 1826-1848.  My 2nd GG, Thomas Hind, and four of his brothers were students or likely students.  James Fisher Hind, Henry Youle Hind, Charles Hind, William GR Hind.  Thomas’ cousin, John Russell Hind, was also a student at grammar in this period.  Where can these records be found?  I live in Melbourne, Australia so please make make contact by email.


Philip Hind.

John Hawksley

I am hoping to find descendants of the family of John Hawksley (born about 1779; died 1857). He was a hairdresser in Nottingham. I am writing a book on his son, Edward John Hawksley (born 1807 or 1808), who emigrated from Nottingham in 1838 to Sydney, Australia, where he had a notable career in journalism and municipal government. Edward John Hawksley had siblings, one of whom was named Mary. Unfortunately, I have no portrait of Edward John Hawksley, and no copies of his correspondence with his Nottingham family. Edward John Hawksley died in Fiji in 1875.

I would like to discover more about this Hawksley family in Nottingham in the 18th and 19th centuries. I know that before he left Nottingham, Edward John Hawksley published a book of his poems, that he married Ann Bramley in 1832, that he served in the British Legion in the First Carlist (Spanish) War between 1835 and 1837, and that he converted to Roman Catholicism from Unitarianism. He probably taught in Nottingham schools, and contributed to the ‘Nottingham Review’.

I would be most grateful for any leads you may be able to give me about this family, or better still, the address of any of its descendants. My email address is terry@terry-irving

Dr Terence H. Irving
Honorary Professorial Fellow
University of Wollongong

John Wildbore

I have an ancestor Elizabeth Wildbore (married 1720 Nottingham) daughter of John Wildbore of Nottingham. I believe he married 3 times (to Mary Oxley, Mary Milnes the mother of Eliz, and Sarah Read. He was a grocer 1710, a gent 1735 and said to be ‘of Nottingham’. I can see several Wildbore families in Nottingham and Notts but cannot prove a connection to any of them. He married Mary Oxley, whose father Lawrence was a dyer so the Wildbore dyers of Nott seem the most likely. Can anyone help me prove or disprove this link please?

Ann Taylor